AVANT Machines And Attachments Available To Rent


Any great company is aware that its target market wants to have options that will allow it to enjoy products and services with various needs in mind, and at AVANT we understand this, which is why we have a rental section where customers are able to rent machines and attachments directly from AVANT SA for their specific requirements, rather than purchasing the machine outright.

This means that the incredible quality and durability of AVANT Mini-Loaders complete with over 100 attachments are available for hire at a fraction of the cost of buying a machine, to allow more people the pleasure and convenience of using the best mini machines in the world.

This enables farmers, contractors, mining companies or anyone needing to use the dynamic AVANT machines to have access to the many uses that these machines and attachments provide, for the period of time that they are required, rather than committing to buying a machine that they do not necessarily need on a full time basis.

Over and above the incredible stats that set AVANT apart in the industry, here are some of the advantages of hiring an AVANT loader over an average skid-steer:

At Least 50% Less Fuel Saving: The skid-steer burns through more than double the fuel as the drivetrain requires 70% engine power at all times.

Visibility: AVANT loaders provide all round visibility while driving and working, which is essential for workplace safety.

Versatility: We are known for our versatility, as our wide range of attachments allows a single machine to do the work of many.

Heavy Lifter: AVANT loaders have a higher lifting capacity and come standard with telescopic booms, giving them an extended reach compared to skid-steer models.

Light Touch: The drive system on an AVANT machine makes it possible to work on sensitive areas such as lawns due to a light touch that simply cannot be matched.

Ease of Operation: The AVANT loader can be operated with a steering wheel and one joystick for boom movements making it far simpler to operate than a skid-steer.

For more information on AVANT Rentals, please see this website: http://avantrentals.co.za/ 



The AVANT 200 Series: The Ultimate Multitasking Machines

AVANT 200 Series
AVANT 200 Series

AVANT is a company that is respected globally for their ability to produce machines and attachments that allow consumers in numerous industries to tackle various elements of work, and in the 200 Series AVANT has produced the ultimate multitasking machine.

The AVANT 200 series is the smallest of the compact loaders that are produced by the Finnish company, which therefore allows these machines to be used for an even wider range of applications. They have been improved further on the previous versions, adding increased visibility and stability, along with a raft of new improvements and features. 

The 200 Series consists of four specific models, which are the 220, 225, 225 Park and 225 LPG. Production on these will begin from December 2015 to March 2016, with all of the models in production by the second quarter of next year. 

Fitted with a 20hp Kohler carburettor engine, the AVANT 220 benefits from a 29l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow, which allows this incredible mini machine to have a lifting power of 350kg, a lifting height of 145cm and an operating weight of 690kg.

The strong engine and small size ensures that the AVANT 200 Series remains the ultimate multitasker, which is ideal for light duty professional work or property maintenance for homes, plots or large outside areas such as church yards or parks.

The new more powerful AVANT 225 enjoys the specifications of a 25hp Kohler EFI engine, a 50l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow and a heavy duty air filter, which gives it a lifting power of 350kg, a lifting height of 145cm and an operating weight of 710kg.

The AVANT 225 Park is similar to the 225 model, but it includes a cab for the driver of the machine, while the lifting height is 75cm and the operating weight increases to 750kg. This means that this particular model is well suited to snow removal, lawn mowing, as well as sweeping and leaf collecting.

AVANT 200 Series inside
AVANT 200 Series inside

The AVANT 225 LPG is a model that runs on liquid propane gas, which allows the 24hp Kohler EFI engine to be low emission, but this lightweight machine which is suited to indoor work still provides an incredible lifting capacity of 350kg and a lifting height of 145cm. This makes the AVANT 225 LPG particularly popular amongst building contractors and very useful for demolition work.

The Kohler EFI engine produces a 25% fuel saving compared to the carburettor equivalent, so the 225 models are also fuel efficient. All of the mentioned models benefit from the AVANT quick attach technology, while the tyres are 20 x 8,00 – 10” size which are available in tractor and turf profiles, depending on what the machine’s major functions will be.

An integrated road traffic kit is available for these AVANT machines, as well as rear hydraulics, a suspension seat, anti-slip valve and 6 function joystick. 

The new design of the 200 Series ensures more space for the driver, as well as a more comfortable and smooth drive, and from a tech perspective a multifunction display is another excellent addition. Additional improved features include the auxiliary hydraulics lever operated by hand, as well as more battery capacity and a increased fuel tank capacity.

Another element that AVANT proudly produced for this series is an automatic drive release that is set from the factory to an optimum setting. There is no switch or adjusting screw for the driver, which is less confusing and therefore becomes easier to operate.

These incredible machines will be available for South African consumers through AVANT SA, the official distributor of AVANT machines in the country.

AVANT Brings New Rock Drill Attachment To Market

AVANT Rock Drill Attachment
AVANT Rock Drill Attachment

AVANT continues to turn its efforts in research and development into new products that benefit the end user, and the latest addition to the selection of AVANT attachments is the new Rock Drill attachment. 

The AVANT Rock Drill attachment provides users with a very cost effective drill solution, which works well for surface and underground operation, while another recent AVANT technological breakthrough means that this particular attachment can be used with a remote control option.

Thanks to the fact that it is compact, it is an easy to operate rock drill, while the AVANT quick attach system allows it to mount on to the loader with minimal fuss and in record time. In typical AVANT full solution style, the debris that is left after drilling can be taken away with the same machine – it could not be simpler to drill through rock.

The ease of transport from one job site to the next is another useful characteristic of this attachment, adding incredible value for numerous industries.

The drill attachment for AVANT machines is designed for general excavations and quarrying for hole sizes up to 45 mm, and can be mounted on the AVANT 635, 640 and 700 series loaders. The attachment is equipped with a hexagonal female chuck for shank sizes of 108 mm X 22 mm. Flushing is done with water or air, while the drill has a through piston flushing tube and enhanced flushing tube lubrication.

With the launch of the AVANT Rock Drill, the popular Mini Loaders now become even more useful and in demand as an all in one machine capable of completing an increasing number of tasks with over 100 attachments available.

AVANT SA Develops Remote Controlled Mini Loader

Remote Controlled AVANT Loader
Remote Controlled AVANT Loader

As is always the case at AVANT SA, the research and development wing of the company is always looking to the future to determine the next important improvement that can be provided to the valued customers throughout numerous industries who make use of the AVANT machines to make their lives and work easier. 

Keeping in line with this theory, while ensuring that the needs of AVANT customers are addressed through the development of new technology that is compatible with the AVANT machines, the new remote controlled AVANT Mini Loader was recently unveiled to the public at the BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA event, which took place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from Tuesday, September 15 to Friday, September 18.

BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA is an international trade fair involving construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles, and is attended by many key industry players each year.

The remote controlled AVANT Loader is a first for the South African market, and the company is proud to have developed it in the country for the specific purposes of assisting the mining industry.

The unit makes use of a Bluetooth remote with an incredibly range of 1,3 km, allowing it to be controlled over long distances from a single location with ease, making it very practical for the mining industry. No functionality of the typical AVANT machine was sacrificed in developing this technological marvel, ensuring that the Mini Loader is as functional and useful as always. 

AVANT SA was approached by their existing mining customers to develop the unit for underground operations where lives are often at risk because of the perils of mining. This is incredibly valuable, as it means that these machines can be used in dangerous areas such as mine shafts or deep in mines that are unstable without putting a life in jeopardy, thanks to the innovative remote controlled access that the operator will now enjoy.

The remote controlled AVANT loader is able to handle all our attachments such as the rock drills, breakers, jacks and numerous other useful mining attachments, making this a cost effective remote controlled machine. This machine is a first in the South African mining industry.

New AVANT Distributor In East London And Port Elizabeth

Universal Equipment - New AVANt Distributor
Universal Equipment – New AVANT Distributor

Universal Equipment is the latest addition to the AVANT distributor network in South Africa, providing the AVANT machines to companies and clients within the Port Elizabeth and East London areas.

The company is one of the oldest privately-owned sub-distributors of capital equipment in the Eastern Cape Province, having operated in the area for over 20 years. They are an associated company of Ukuvula Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which is a Port Elizabeth-based holding company with interests in construction, industrial, medical, automotive and several listed companies.

The established company has now added an association to AVANT as their latest milestone, with the Mini Loaders and Mini Diggers specialists trusting Universal Equipment to be a distributor in the two coastal cities. With a head office in Port Elizabeth and a branch in East London, they operate from Mossel Bay in the west to Port Shepstone in the east.

Their major customers include government departments such as Public Works and Water Affairs, as well as parastatals which include Transwerk, Spoornet, Portnet and Eskom. Some of the largest manufacturing businesses in the Eastern Cape, from diverse sectors like automotive, agricultural, hospitals and general service industries, make use of Universal Equipment’s services.

AVANT are the original designers and manufacturers of the first compact articulated loaders of its design in the world, based out of Finland. The first AVANT machines were built in 1991, and through the years the company has built a reputation that is unmatched in the world market.

AVANT equipment is exported to more than 40 countries worldwide, including South Africa, with dedicated distributors and dealer networks servicing the brand to the highest levels of excellence. Universal Equipment joins this network of dedicated distributors for the South African market, working to serve customers in Port Elizabeth, East London and surrounding areas.

AVANT machines coupled with the more than 100 attachments available are used in a number of important industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, landscaping, earthmoving and road maintenance.

AVANT SA Launches New Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment

AVANT Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment
AVANT Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment

AVANT continues to develop innovative ways in which their machines can be used to make the work of others easier, and one of the industries that has benefited the most from research and development on the side of AVANT is agriculture.

With this in mind, and over 100 attachments already available for use on AVANT machines, a new addition has now been launched into the attachment family with a focus on a particular segment of farming.

Designed for use on the AVANT Mini Loader, the new Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment is set to revolutionise the way in which sugar farmers work on a daily basis and produce the staple food product that is widely used.

Designed and built in South Africa with the sugar cane industry in mind, the innovation was a result of numerous requests from farmers who have struggled with the time-consuming and costly process in its traditional form.

The AVANT Mini Loader has a dedicated oil flow requirement, making the combination a unique first in the agricultural sector.

With affordability in mind, the new AVANT attachment was developed so that the combination would be available at a third of the cost of traditional cutter machines that are currently used in the sugar cane industry, while operation costs have also been decreased with the AVANT version to only a fraction of traditional larger machines available in the industry.

While this particular attachment is perfect for the sugar cane industry, it is important to note that the AVANT Mini Loader can also be used for an abundance of tasks in variety of industries including the construction, mining and earthmoving sectors, thanks to the multiple attachments which are designed with the user in mind.

For details on the new AVANT Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment, please email info@avantsa.co.za

New AVANT Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment
New AVANT Sugar Cane Cutter Attachment



Always the star of the show at any expo involving construction, mining or agricultural machines, AVANT was present with a stall at the recently concluded BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA event, which took place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from Tuesday, September 15 to Friday, September 18.

BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA is an international trade fair involving construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles, and is attended by many key industry players each year.

Representatives of AVANT SA were proudly available to answer questions, give out product information and demonstrate the latest innovations concerning the AVANT machines, and the crowds that attended the expo were impressed with the capabilities of the versatile machines and their new developments.

AVANT SA took advantage of the four day event to unveil a few new elements of their product offering following a great deal of work that went into research and development.

Amongst the new improvements was a remote controlled AVANT machine which has been specially designed and developed in South Africa for use in the mining industry.

This is incredibly valuable, as it means that these machines can be used in dangerous areas such as mine shafts or on ground that is unstable without putting a life in jeopardy, thanks to the innovative remote controlled access that the operator will now enjoy.

Other elements that were unveiled included flame proof AVANT machines, as well as the awaited launch of the powerful and environmentally friendly AVANT 760i, a completely new model which also happens to be the biggest loader from the company (pictured above). More information on the AVANT 760i can be found at this previous blog post.

A Video of the New Remote Controlled AVANT Machine